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Anonymous asked: Hey! I love your blog, and me and my friend are starting a similar one (not nerd problems, obvs, you guys got that covered) but we were wondering how you guys coordinated with making your format for the posts? Thanks!

I use Adobe Photoshop 10 or 8. But you can use paint even if you want. Happy we can inspire what is going to be a great blog :D Make sure you notify us when it’s up and running :) I’d love to check it out


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Anonymous asked: NO the ngp logo thing you did a while ago... like your icon...

Yeah sure :) Like I said, as long as you don’t mass produce and sell them

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Anonymous asked: You're flooding my dash with questions/answers. I'm unfollowing you. :(

Okay gosh I’m sorry :( I know I hate when blogs do that. I’ve been lazy and have been answering questions on my iPod today. I promise I’ll pick my butt up and start answering privately :)
-this is not Emily’s fault

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cantatis asked: anyone in the world can order them?

Uh well we are working on it! Someday soon we hope to get it kick started and then, yes, we will ship internationally

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Anonymous asked: hai, um, I love your blog and all, it's really great, but I'm from America and we use Ship as in a boat here so I was just wondering if you could tell me what it means to you guys, haha, thanks!

Haha we are from the US of A as well :P okay well I learned to use ship from the great population of Tumblr fangirls. Okay so ship can be a noun, as in, “OMG my ship was holding hands in last week’s promo!” or as a verb “I totally ship Ron and Hermione” Ship means to romantically pair two people. Like you wish they were a couple, even if they aren’t. It is also a shortened way to say “relationship”.¬†Got it?