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Anonymous asked: hai, um, I love your blog and all, it's really great, but I'm from America and we use Ship as in a boat here so I was just wondering if you could tell me what it means to you guys, haha, thanks!

Haha we are from the US of A as well :P okay well I learned to use ship from the great population of Tumblr fangirls. Okay so ship can be a noun, as in, “OMG my ship was holding hands in last week’s promo!” or as a verb “I totally ship Ron and Hermione” Ship means to romantically pair two people. Like you wish they were a couple, even if they aren’t. It is also a shortened way to say “relationship”.¬†Got it?

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the-provincial asked: I'd really want to make some logos for the shirt. I like doing that kind of things in my free time. Just credit me if you like them and if you make shirts based on that logo :3 that's all.

God I have all these sorts of crazy ideas for contests and whatnot but it’s going to be a lot of work to do it! I just talked it over with my mom and she said that she would help us. But we just gotta tell my mom to find a free date to take us to the place!

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overjoyed-undecided asked: Would it be easier for you guys to use a site like redbubble(.)com for the shirts rather than having them all made/shipping yourself? (I assume this is your plan from what I've read, if not just ignore me!)

I didn’t even know that red bubble does that! Jeez I’m so out of the loop… W were going to order from a local place

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loserlarry asked: You guys are making t-shirts??? Thats so cool! Can we reserve/order them?

Emmy and I have had no time to get to our t-shirt printer. This week we promise! I’ve been sick for the past few days and Emily recently finished up drama (okay like a month ago) but we are to head up there and get the details this week! I just have one thing that might happen: the first shirts we sell might have to be the regular t-shirt kind. Not the women’s kind…

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Anonymous asked: I just want to make one of each logo thing...

Logo thing? Like each of our 290+ posts?

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Anonymous asked: Ok so I normally know and or relate to every N G P but I don't quiet get "When your friends don't get you overwhelming fear of statues" If you could explain it please and Thank you :)

In Doctor Who there is a monster called the weeping angels. When you look at the statue of the angel, it’s just a statue. But they move the second you stop looking at them. Unless its from another fandom I’m unfamiliar with, that’s the reasoning behind it

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Anonymous asked: Am i allowed to make a knock off nerd girl shirt? Like using your logo but none of the posts?

Um we would really appreciate it if you didn’t. But I guess as long as you don’t sell them it would be okay… As long as its not like a mass market production that’s fine :)