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Anonymous asked: Ok so I normally know and or relate to every N G P but I don't quiet get "When your friends don't get you overwhelming fear of statues" If you could explain it please and Thank you :)

In Doctor Who there is a monster called the weeping angels. When you look at the statue of the angel, it’s just a statue. But they move the second you stop looking at them. Unless its from another fandom I’m unfamiliar with, that’s the reasoning behind it

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Anonymous asked: Am i allowed to make a knock off nerd girl shirt? Like using your logo but none of the posts?

Um we would really appreciate it if you didn’t. But I guess as long as you don’t sell them it would be okay… As long as its not like a mass market production that’s fine :)

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Anonymous asked: about the t-shirts, what will be on them? will we able to request which problem we want on them or will there be just few of them?

Well so far we are going to put “Nerd Girl Problems” with a bow on it, on one shirt. The other option is our symbol on a shirt. When we do eventually put a “problem” on the shirt, we will most likely find the most popular ones and have our followers take a vote on which ones should be on a shirt. :)

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Guys…… wow almost 30,000.

I can’t even…..

This is a thank you to everyone out there who supports our blog. The submitters, the rebloggers,the likers, and everyone who spreads the word.

We got the idea for this blog not even 4 months ago and I can’t believe how far we have come.

Once again thank you so much to all of our nerd girls (and some guys) who support us.

Happy reblogging, Emily and Lauren.

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Anonymous asked: I think for the shirts you should do ACTUAL problems on them. like nerd girl problem #6272: yadddy yadddy yadda. and you could do like the most popular problems or whatever. :)

We’ve actually been thinking about doing that in the future. We wan’t to start off with something simple first, and then maybe do something like a really popular post.

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Anonymous asked: Which of your posts has the most notes? :)

Oh jeeze….I have no idea. We have alot of posts, so I’m really not sure. xD

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Anonymous asked: Hi! I just wanted to tell you how much I love this blog, I can really relate to most of the posts and I just had a huge fangirl moment when I found this page. I just want to know how the T-shirts are comming along? I really want so many of these quotes on my outfits LOL. Great job girls!

Thanks, we are glad you can relate. :) The t-shirts are making progress. Me and Lauren and going to try and get to the screen printer soon, and before you know it we will have shirts for everyone! ~Emily