Nerd Girl Problems

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fantasticallyimprobable asked: I was looking at who I follow and he didn't show up anymore. It looks like it was deactivated... ?

Oh I just looked up his URL and it says it can’t be found! Aw I’ll try and get in touch with him :(

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fantasticallyimprobable asked: Do you know what happened to justnerdboyproblems?

Hm last I saw Scott’s blog was running smoothly. But come to think of it I haven’t seen a post in a while. I’m not sure!

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Anonymous asked: *whispers* Do you need help with suggestions?

*rolls eyes to make sure no one is looking then whispers back* Well, Photoshop is being a biznitch and I already have a lot of suggestions, but if you’ve got some- go on and ask *the phrase I whispered was entirely too long and people around us begin to stare*

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Anonymous asked: This blog hasn't posted in ages D:

UGH! I know! I’m working on it :3 SHIZNIT. Photoshop isn’t working… I’ll try to fix it. Sorry guys!

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4amconfessions asked: what do you use to make the edits?(:

Adobe photoshop 10 (not the super expensive $500 kind haha)