Nerd Girl Problems

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Anonymous asked: When you can't related to anything on a 'nerd girl problems' because it's only about Harry Potter, school work and reading....D&D, MTG, MMO's anyone?

Okay well if you want ones done about those things, please feel free to suggest!

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Anonymous asked: Do you publish every submission you get? I sent one in around the beginning of March, and I haven't seen it yet.

No I don’t publish all of them. It’s kind of a matter of how specific they are and where they end up in the suggestion box related to when I do them. (If that made any sense at all I have no idea.) I’m kind of on a streak now, so if you ask it again I’ll most likely get to it sooner. I’m sorry┬áif this happened to anyone else!

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hellolluna asked: For film most doctorates and scholars don’t know the difference between science fiction and fantasy simply because there isn’t one. Actually, the genres horror/fantasy/science fiction are usually studied as one by most film students because of their complexity and likeness, also because there isn’t a census between the most well known minds in the field as to where the line is drawn for science fiction, horror and fantasy... Just thought I'd let you guys know... there is no actual difference.

Thank you for that information! I thought there was no difference, but I can understand now how they are similar in some ways. Judging by your blog description, you seem to know your horror films!

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Okay I will try and do some suggestions tonight because Bo Burnham is on Conan and I want to stay up to see him :) AND it’s A VERY SPECIAL EMILY’S BIRTHDAY REAL SOON! So I’m making her a locker sign :) (that’s right, Em, I just embarrassed you in front of our followers)
Any suggestions on what I should put on it?

Thanks so much everyone! Keep calm & nerd on! -Lauren