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Anonymous asked: I just wanted to let you guys know that if you make any merch that is fandom based, be sure to watch out for copyright infringement. Just cause the TARDIS is badass doesn't mean it's ok for someone to make a buck off someone elses creation. This is a great blog, and I'd hate to see it get shut down like that.

Thanks! And yeah we have to work on it, but we’re being careful as to what we design :)

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nobodytoldthehorse asked: The other day, I accidentally ordered Doctor Who instead of Dr. Pepper at a restaurant. And it wasn't the first time it'd happened, either.

Oh my god that is hilarious! :D

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Oh ok wow. There is 40 messages and I just left to go to the bathroom for a minute o_0

Not sure how long it will take to finish these, but I’ll work tomorrow. Sorry if you don’t see your suggestion tomorrow!

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Yeah you know who we are ;)