Nerd Girl Problems

You're among friends

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with-it-or-upon-it asked: Loving seeing these posted all over Pinterest! Rise up Nerd Girls! I'm a guy, but I would love to know where all the women Doctor, Sherlock, LOTR, HP, Star Trek, & Star Wars fans are. At work the other day, I made a Doctor Who reference and NO ONE got it. Not one! I sighed and hung/ shook my head, not because I was embarrassed, but because I felt sorry for them. They have no idea what they're missing. Let your geekness shine so that others may find you!! Spread the word!

Oh thank you! We shall let our inner geeks shine through. And it is very upsetting when no one gets my TV/book refrences. And all the normal people are missing out on some great stuff! And our posts are on pinterest?! WOW. I had no idea!~Emily