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Anonymous asked: Hello, I'm desperately in need of a reading recommendation, 'cause I just finished The Hunger Games series and I'm almost reading all over again just because I'm suffering of Peeta withdraw, do you have any suggestions in that kind of character? (I'm tired of mysterious, kind of bad boy type) I saw your list, could you point out which is more like what I'm looking for? Pleeease

Haha, yes, there are many teen books with the mysterious bad-boy type character.

I suggest The Fault in Our Stars by the wonderful John Green. The leading male also is charismatic and has one leg ;) It’s not science fiction, though.

Delirium is a dystopian novel in which young people get a surgery basically rendering them incapable of love. And, as predicted, there is a sort of rebel mysterious boy, but he is not very threatening or a “bad boy”.

I have never read it myself, but I’m told Maximum Ride is a good book series.

Also, Never Let Me Go. I’ve never read it either, but I do know the storyline and I don’t believe there are any of those types of characters in it.

I’m sorry, but I can’t find any other teen novels you are looking for. None that are post-apocaliptic, at least. I’m also assuming you are looking for a male lead who is sort of vulnerable, and I’m afraid all the science fiction novels I looked at didn’t have it. Sorry.

Godspeed on your literary quest,