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Hello, fellow lady nerds! 

I was hoping you and your followers could help me out with a project. What books would you recommend to a ten-year-old budding nerd? My niece is going through a tough time right now, and it’s my duty as the nerdy aunt to make sure her literary appetite is sated. Thanks!


Alright everybody! One of our friends needs help. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Anonymous asked: To the anon: Do your parents hate the guy solely because he's "nerdy?" If he's really a great guy, just tell them about his positive traits. Why he's worth hanging on to. Trust me, nerds are much better boyfriends than jocks (based on generalizations, there certainly are some lovely jocks and some awful nerds, but usually the nerdy guys are the nicer ones)

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Anonymous asked: I'm dating a nerdy guy that my parents hate. They keep telling me how terrible he is and that I need to be dating some tall athlete. Any suggests or idea?

I would explain to your parents that he makes you happy, and that that is important. Why do they hate him? Tell your parents all the good things he does and why you like him. Maybe they just have the wrong impression of him. If they counter with the “nerdy” image, ask them why it is so important for him to be tall or an athlete.

I’m terribly sorry that that paragraph was incoherent.

Best of luck to you both :)


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sprayontheglitter-deactivated20 asked: Just a comment: I love how in the picture where you're showing the tshirts you have a Mika song up on YouTube, huge Mika fan over here. <3 Love this blog btw. :]

Ah! Thanks :) He is my musical obsession at the moment. Any good song suggestions from him (or any other related artists)? He sounds like Freddie Mercury mixed with a Broadway singer <3  -Lauren