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Okay! The t-shirt process is moving along! We have to talk to the screen printer next, and just out of curiousity, which style do you like the most?

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    The one that offers a larger size other than ‘baby doll small/medium/large’ V-neck is better, too. :’Db
  2. my1andonlydiary answered: V neck
  3. digginggravesforfun answered: i like the blue
  4. kaelynireland answered: Far right is my favorite. Followed by middle. :)
  5. arcanethought answered: I’m voting for the second and third ones. =)
  6. oeillade-s answered: the blue
  7. lovelovegood answered: MIddle
  8. vivalageekchic answered: the blue one is my favorite! It looks nice on everyone!
  9. emmaexpressions answered: the middle and right ones
  10. meth-plant answered: The second and 3 one, they tie!!
  11. zoebrnes answered: second and third :)
  12. budoodly answered: 3rd, she looks like my favorite actress: Selena Gomez!
  13. thiswideuniverse answered: Definitely the v-neck ones.
  14. thecrackinourgalaxy answered: middle one. who doesn’t love a good v-neck?
  15. books-and-badassery answered: The blue one on the right.
  16. purelaine answered: 1!
  17. dancingaroundhogwarts answered: V neck. :)
  18. msmeowmer-mrmeowmer answered: Middle
  19. itisclara answered: Middle.
  20. theashagreyjoy answered: the second one
  21. duchessbaby answered: the v neck and the blue one. i tend to feel like im getting killed in the white one
  22. munchette22 answered: 3 :)
  23. arete-aletheia answered: the second and the third ones are great … I don’t like shirts that are “closed”
  24. siren-of-the-bay answered: I like the style of the blue one
  25. linny-marie answered: The V-Neck!
  26. gottacatchmybreath answered: Either the v neck, or the white one (I’m not sure what to call it xD)
  27. your-face-sir-is-perfect answered: The third! <3
  28. butyoujustfeelused answered: 3rd
  29. lindsaylove-96 answered: The second.
  30. stineandanaghawrite answered: v-neck!
  31. hopeful-romantic123 answered: The blue one!
  32. khaleesiskeleton answered: Far-right
  33. skittlesoffical answered: V cut in the middle, then the blue one on the right, don’ like the white one on the left the material seems too thick and the neckline is bad
  34. chillyourtitties answered: the vneck or the scoop neck the other one not so much
  35. ibatu answered: middle
  36. lightedluster answered: third, the blue scoop neck!
  37. chikamoka answered: I like the second two, the style of the first always makes me feel like I’m choking.
  38. coeurcas answered: Left! Or middle… just not the right one!
  39. uhohitsamberlynn answered: I like the regular white shirt.
  40. digitalbunnylove answered: The third one, the blue scoop neck.
  41. lovedarlingj answered: The v-neck.
  42. holdontowaitisleft answered: middle.
  43. tobiwonkanobi answered: the second/middle one
  44. goodbyeing answered: the blue shirt
  45. kaylaconspiracy answered: V neck!