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Okay guys! We had our business meeting. These are two of the possible first t-shirt designs. If they do okay we are going to make more designs- and not just ones like these! We don’t know which tees we are using because the v-necks are kind of expensive unless we can buy them online in bulk somewhere. Suggestions are welcome!

What do you think?

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    These are cute!
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  8. oh-thegodshateme answered: i like them both
  9. mollishka answered: me likey the second one best!! but i’d buy both xx
  10. my-sweet-sansrival answered: I was thinking of putting glasses at the top of the word nerd.If it’s okay with you. But that design works well too.
  11. proclaimingtrees answered: the first one!! write NERDGIRL on it somewhere though
  12. weeping-person answered: they are great!
  13. hails-reality-check answered: I seriously want one. I’m new here, what is the asking price?
  14. nerdposts answered: I think it should be a combo of both:) and I have a question, how can I suggest nerd girl problems, cuz I have a real good one
  15. cthunami answered: I know this’ll sound odd but if you do make these can you do mens sizing too? I find them more comfortable
  16. eiffel-power answered: i love them both and i will be buying either.
  17. quirkyvintagebooklovers answered: I like the first design. and i think a round neck t would b fine
  18. waiting-on-the-w0rld answered: I like both! :)
  19. aeronausiphobia answered: I love these designs! They are so cute. ;u; I’d use the V-neck or scoop neck for tees
  20. 4thsignserene answered: I love the one on the right!!!
  21. mongolsaretheexception answered: They look awesome!
  22. love-pixels answered: I would love to buy one. This is awesome.
  23. vitavivat answered: left one
  24. jessparkker answered: Love both!
  25. reynoldswashburne answered: LOVE THEM
  26. adonisvinca answered: nerdgirl with bow
  27. cecilandcarlosaredriftcompatible answered: The one on the left.
  28. rosegrrl answered: Like them both
  29. andthestorigoes answered: The girl with the glasses is too precious!
  30. diiiickgrayson answered: First
  31. wondy answered: I’d buy both :D
  32. let-all-the-children-boogie answered: when the guy you like is 54 years older than you.
  33. ksmith1drful answered: I love them and will totally buy one! Practically every NGP describes my life.
  34. 0rexia answered: I honestly do really like both,so i’m confused as to of which one i should suggest :( I’d say the one on the left of the figure. xx