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Hello, I was wondering if I could suggest a problem? I love your blog and can relate to 98% of these so…I’d love to add.

Sure! Just send it in the fanmail. We ususally get a hefty amount of suggestions when the box is open, but if you have a good one, just send it in the mail!

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My mum just tagged me in one of your pictures on FaceBook. #195, to be exact.
I’m unsure whether to be amused at how late Facebook is to the game or sad that she dug around facebook to find it when I saw it months ago here.

Haha! That one relates to me a lot… I don’t enjoy very many outdoor activites! 
I don’t have a Facebook, but my friend showed me some of her friends posted them. o_0 We better go into hiding! We are like Hannah Montana! No one can know we run a blog!

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